The weather is generally mild ‘under the Tuscan sun’ or so they say. The summers are warm and at times can be hot, but the region does certainly offer what can be called a full year of seasons, with rain in the late fall as well as in the late spring.

If you like the heat and sun, summer is the best time to visit to take in activities in and around the town and countryside. July and August are almost always the warmest months and temperatures can reach the low 90 or higher during the day. The summer and early fall tend to be dry, and offer plenty of days where you can soak in the Tuscan sun.

Winters can be cold, but temperatures seldom fall below freezing during the day, but it isn’t uncommon for evenings in the 20s. Winters are generally dry but with a damp chill in the air.

Fall and spring are both mild and dry, and temperatures dip a bit as the sun goes down. If you want to beat the heat heading to Castellina in Chianti in the late May or June, or September or October can be the best time to visit. There is a greater chance of rain in the fall and spring, and in late October and early November the rains can be heavy. The same holds true for April and May, so putting off a trip for a couple of weeks until June is never a bad idea.