Since the U.S. is so large, most visitors will have in mind a number of specific destinations to visit before planning a trip. The best way to get tourist info is to visit the tourist boards for the individual states or cities, as there is no centralized tourism site for the entire country.

Recommend stopping by the Tourism facilities in each state for hotel coupons. By doing this  in TN, VA, AL, and LA and saved at least $10/nite.

Non U.S. citizen travelers intending to visit the United States would be best advised to contact their nearest U.S. Embassy or consoluate to determing visa requirements befort attempting to visit the USA.  You can also visit the Visitor Visa page on the U.S. State Department website.  

information prior to their trip. Picking up a travel guide (or printing out sections of this one) may be prudent if you plan on taking a road trip across the U.S.