Many follow a "there is no place like home" sort of Christmas policy when it comes to where they want to be for the holidays.  Others find this a great time of the year to travel and see a different part of the country (or even the world). 

While there are many places worthy of consideration for a Christmas holiday, perhaps none is better than the United States - the country that seems to really get it right when it comes to celebrating the Christmas season. When one thinks about Christmas shopping, mall Santas, highly decorative streets, Christmas trees and houses covered in twinkling lights, it is often images of the USA that comes to mind.

Classic Christmas locations in the States include the likes of Chicago and New York City, which many consider to be the very best Christmas destination anywhere.  And who can forget Bing Crosby's preference for a bright Hawaiian Christmas?  But there are other worthy considerations as well as is offered in the following online publications for best places in America to spend Christmas. (Best USA Xmas destinations)

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These are just some of the reasons to consider spending Christmas in the United States and some of the many places there you can consider being during the holiday seasons.