Durham in all of its splendour

If you are thinking of visiting Durham there are a few places that you must visit:

  • The Cathedral - of course. What would a visit to Durham be without visiting the place that can put modern designers and builders to shame. Even if you are not religious or even that interested in history, Durham Cathedral offers an insight into how people lived hundreds of years ago, with monks cloisters and relics from war-torn England or you could simply climb the 365 steps up the cathedral tower, and when you reach the top you will have one of the most breathtaking views of the city that you could ever imagine. By the way keep an eye out for the line that crosses through the cathedral floor... apparently women are not allowed to cross it!
  • The Castle - is right next door to the cathedral and this amazing building is an enchanting sight. It conjures images of Knights of old, dressed in shining armour with a sword at their side, riding to the doors on their mighty horses... What it also brings to mind are ghosts that haunt the old corridors and bring a shiver to those who cross their path. If you visit the castle, guides will tell you of the ghosts that actually do stalk the castle halls, and tales of how people swear that they have seen these apparitions
  • The Market Place - this sounds like an odd recommendation, but it is worth a visit. The actual market place itself is still the central part of the city, with its fine statue (this also has a tale to tell) and still home to a market  taking place to this day, working alongside the modern stores that occupy the old stone buildings that line the market place. Also there is another part that people often forget about and that is the 'underground' market. From the market place itself there is a large gateway that leads down a cobbled pathway into a world of stalls, selling their goods with a hubbub that could transport you back in time. The sights and the sounds and the smells fill the senses. Close your eyes and think about how this would have been several hundred years ago and you can put yourself in the picture with ease!
  • Beamish Museum - even though this is set in a village called Beamish about 10 miles from Durham City, this is a brilliant place to visit. The whole place is set at the turn of the 20th century, with pit houses, farms, mines, trams, shops, dentists and pubs all made to make you feel like you have stepped back in time. This museum is like no other, you have the opportunity to live as they did in 1880 or 1905, take a tram to the town from the station, or buy tea and a scone from the small restaurant, or visit the dentists and just pray that his leg isn't too tired when it comes around to drilling your tooth for a filling...! This is an ideal family adventure, kids and adults alike will love this step back into time, and make them appreciate colour TVs, microwave cookers and playstations!

Durham city has so many fine things to offer a visitor, too many to mention. It even offers something to people who return now and then just to keep that sense of home.

Durham welcomes everyone, first timers and returnees.