Some people in Norway makes jokes about the facts that Stavanger can have all 4 seasons weather in one day. These jokes are a bit exaggerated but there is some truth to it. Stavanger weather is unpredictable and it can be the same temperature midwinter and midsummer. Stavanger is a costal town and hence there is a costal climate which means mild winters and not very warm summers. It is possible to check out the weather statistics on the following page:   It is recommended that everyone check out the weather forecast before coming here so that you can try to pack accordingly.


Best time to visit
The best time to visit Stavanger is in the summertime from May to September. All seasons have their charm of course but it is in the summertime things happen in Stavanger. In May spring comes along, Constitution day is celebrated on May 17th, and there are still some snow left on the highest mountains outside Stavanger. In June the festival season begins. Each year there is a grand slam beach volleyball tournament in the middle of town ( ). July and August are the warmest months here and this is holiday season for Norwegians. But there are still lots happening in Stavanger with the Gladmat festival (  )  as a highlight in July (a food festival).

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