Visitors to Stavanger have multiple options for getting around the area with public transportation. 

            The city of Stavanger has a local bus system that is operated by the Veolia Transport Company.  There are numerous routes that link the major areas of the city.  Buses generally run from the early morning to the early evening.  For route, timetable and fare information, visit the bus station in the city of Stavanger, or the tourist information center. 

            Bus Travel to other cities and towns throughout Norway can be a great experience.  Most major towns and cities are linked through a large network of routes provided by the National Bus Company.  There is a national bus station in Stavanger. 

            The Norwegian National Railway has many routes that connect the major cities and towns of Norway, including Stavanger.  Train travel through Norway is generally comfortable, and fairly affordable.

              Taxis are a good way of getting around the immediate city of Stavanger.   The best way to get a taxi is to call one of the city’s companies ahead of time.   For contact information on a couple of companies located in the city, check out this Taxi Company List.   Most hotels and restaurants will be happy to make this call for their customers.