For ten years now, the river walk between Muellnersteg and Makartsteg turns into a bustling art market every year from late May to September.

The “Salzachgalerien” (Salzach galleries) have become a well-known and popular tradition among locals and tourists who love strolling through the countless little craft stands, browsing for hand-made artwork, ethno clothes/jewellery and craftwork from all around the world.


Settled along the tree-lined riverfront of Franz-Josef-Kai, the Salzachgalerien are a vivid contrast to the historic and classical side of Salzburg . While most traditional markets focus on vegetables, fruit and local produce, the Salzachgalerien unite local and international artwork, craftsmanship and culture right in the heart of Mozart’s city. Scattered among the market stalls are also some food stalls offering freshly made specialties from different countries where visitors can taste the local scents and flavours, like original Thai snacks, Italian cheeses and sausages or sweet crepes.


Together with the wonderful old city and its beautiful surroundings, the Salzachgalerien have become a vibrant and colorful spot in Salzburg ’s landscape which even Mozart would have loved to visit.


The Salzachgalerien are open on weekends every 2-3 weeks from 10 AM to app. 6-8 PM (more information: