00 ( zero zero ) is the International Access ( Dial ) Code you use to call overseas from 'within' Austria.

43 ( four three ) is the International country code of Austria.

(if you call from USA you need 011 43)  then comes the area code without  the leading zero, if you are in Austria you dial the leading zero

  • Here are some Austrian Area Codes:

  • Vienna: (0) 1 
  • Graz: (0) 316 
  • Salzburg: (0) 662 
  • Linz (0) 732
  • Innsbruck (0) 512

Mobile Phones Numbers

starts with 06

here the major companies 0699 ONE and YESS, T-MOBILE 0676, TELERING 0650, A1 0664

If you dial from outside Austria you don´t dial the Zero

Search for a number

you can use this online one

If you search for a specific name or number you can use the herold

http://test.herold.at/servlet/at.hero... =

Name = Last Name,  Vorname = First Name, WO= City or postal code , Strasse = street

or choose the official yellow ones

Public phones (over 200 in Vienna) run by Telekom

you can reach the emergency numbers 122 (Fire department) 133 (Police) 144 (Ambulanz) for free 

You pay either with cash (coins) or a prepaid card, which can be purchased in the post office, tobacco shops (trafiken) etc

A call to a normal telephone number costs around 15 cents per minute; a call to a mobile number between 40 to 50 cents a minute

Some newer ones offer the possbility for internet.

Renting a mobile phone or a SIM Card is not common in Vienna.