Note: The main language spoken is Austria is German!


    Good Morning    -- Guten Morgen (or simply "Morgen")

    Good Day      ----- Guten Tag

    Good Day    -----  Gruss Gott  ( translated as God's Greetings or Blessings). This is the more usual local greeting, often shortened to 'sgott

    Good Bye   ---- Auf Wiedersehen  ( see you again) or Auf Wiederschauen (or simply "Wiedersehen" or "Wiederschauen")

    'Bye!  ---- Tschuss!


    Excuse me (attracting attention)  ----  Entschuldigung.

    Excuse me (for standing on your foot) ---- Verzeihung.

    Don't mention it (response to above) ---- Nix (nichts) passiert!

    Do you speak English? ---- Sprechen Sie Englisch?

    Thank you ----- Danke

    Please  -------- Bitte (also said when handing an item over, eg payment)

    Don't mention it (response to thanks) ---- Bitte

    The bill (check) please!   ----   Zahlen, bitte!

    Whilst waiting in a line (and next to be served)    ----  Ich bin der/die (masc/fem) nächste.