In Cyprus, three languages are spoken. English is the universal language, whilst Greek is prevalent south of the UN Green Line and Turkish to the north. This is owing to the sectioning of communities after the events of 1974 on the island. The people of the island are friendly, regardless of where you are, and will appreciate efforts a tourist makes in speaking their language.

For south of the Green Line, the following phrases may be useful:

 'K' in the list below is pronounced with a 'G' sound as in 'Go'. P is pronounced with a 'B' sound. 

  1. Yes - Nei
  2. No - Ohi
  3. Hello - Ya Sou (Ya Saz when addressing a group)
  4. Good morning! - Kaleemeerah!
  5. Good afternoon! - Kaleespeerah!
  6. Good night! - Kaleenihkta!
  7. How are you? - Ti Kanis;
  8. I'm well - Poli Gala
  9. Thank you - Efharisto
  10. Please - Parakalo
  11. Sorry! - Signomi
  12. Do you speak English? - Milate anglika;
  13. What time is it? - Ti ora ine;
  14. How much is it? - Posso kane;
  15. Come on! - Ela!
  16. How's it going? - Pos pai;

Refer to the Basic Greek website or the more detailed Greek phrase site for more phrases that may be useful!

North of the Green Line, it is recommended you speak Turkish or English. More useful phrases would include:

  1. Hello: merhaba
  2. Good morning: gunaydun
  3. Good evening: iyi akshamlar
  4. Good night: iyi gejeler
  5. See you: gurushurooz
  6. How are you? Nasuhl-sunuz
  7. I’m fine thanks: iyi-yim teshek-kur
  8. What’s your name? Adu-nuz ne?
  9. I am (Jack): ben (Jack)’im
  10. Yes: evet
  11. No: hayir (higher)
  12. Please: lutfen
  13. Thanks: Teshek-kur edirim
  14. Pardon me: Affedersiniz
  15. What?: Ne?
  16. How?: Nasul?
  17. Who? Kim?
  18. Why? Neden?

Again, this Turkish language site will help with more basic phrases, as will this one.