Its so easy to drive in Cyprus as they drive on the same side of the road as the UK and ROI.  The roads are excellent, well signposted and most of the signs are in English.  The roads are quiet  in April so its a pleasure.  Watch out for the traffic cops as they have a special eye on speeding tourists with red-plated hire cars!

Most of the car hire companies will tell you that the car is not insured to cross the border into the North part of Cyprus.
This is true as rental cars hired from the South are seen as entering an area of The Cyprus Republic for which the Republic has no control of.

The Insurance stops at the crossing point and you must make another one whilst there from the relative 'authority' there.

No rental cars hired from the North part of the Island are allowed to cross into the free areas of the Republic. Only from South to North and that's with its very own limitations (Third Party Insurance Cover only...)