If this is your first trip to Turku you are really in for a treat. As the ancestral capital of Finland it contains a bountiful collection of historical sites. If history is not your thing, don't worry. There are enough high end shopping venues, cineplexes, quaint restaurants and clubs to keep anyone entertained. Below find a few local favorites.

Turku Castle

This castle is located on the western aspect of the city near the Aura river's entrance to the archipelago. It is surrounded by nice green spaces and offers many great photo opportunities. Within the castle itself are art galleries, architectural treats and a wonderful courtyard. The chapel is used for services and summer concert series which are very affordable (and amazing in the candle-lit evening settings). Tours are available in most languages.

The nearby maritime museum is also quite good and can be seen the same day as the castle without any rush.

Luostarinmäki Handicraft Museum

Located in "old Turku" this area of the city survived the last great fire. Here you can see what Turku looked like centuries ago. Traditional handicraft (metalworking, woodworking, jewelry production, etc) equipment and demonstrations are available. Many local artisans are still trained using these tools. Guides are dressed in traditional country garb and are always willing to take keepsake photos. There is also lots of room for children to run around.

Turku Cathedral

Filled with beautiful stained glass, statuesque tombs of famous royalty a true "sense of history" this cathedral is not to be missed. It is located a short river-walk from the central square and offers majestic frontal photo opportunities. Services are still held so weekday visits are likely the best.

A nearby museum (Aboavetus) has an "archelogical dig-style" area underneath. This is an exciting place to visit as you decent under the building to see the remains of ancient Turku buildings.

Turku Museum of Art

A satisfying stop for any art lover.

Sibelius Museum

Situated a few yards from the cathedral, this excellent museum is well worth a visit.  The first part is a museum of musical instruments and the 2nd part is dedicated to the life and works of the finnish Composer, Sibelius, with opportunities to listen to some of his music on headphones.  All the while, his music is playing throughout the musem, making it a very relaxing experience.  There is also a concert hall which regularly hosts different musical events, not just classical.