Uppsala is a rather secure place to live in, criminally speaking, although pick-pockets abound during the summer months with the touists, as in many other places around the world. General methods for not being mugged, have your car broken into etc apply. Uppsala is neither worse nor better than any other city of this size.

One black mark though is the E4, one of the main highways in Sweden, which basically bisects Uppsala in one eastern and one western part. This main through-fare is heavily trafficated and many accidents happen on this approx 4km stretch. Uppsala is however planning for future growth and is currently building a new bypass for the E4 highway, that will avoid the city almost entirely, thus making the traffic a lot more secure on this particular part.

One might however argue that due to the high traffic and travelling on the E4, Uppsala may get more than its share of criminality. This is open for discussion though, and there are as many opinions are there are people discussing it. 8-)