People  love to have a good time, and this is no different on the island of Mykonos.  This is especially apparent during the late hours when the nightlife begins.  Bars and nightclubs don't really get going until after 11 or 12 at night!  In fact, Mykonos is famous for having the most rowdy, crazy and wild nightlife in all of the Aegean Sea.  However, this is not Ibiza.  The clubs tend to be small (other than the beach disco's), and the crowds very mixed.

            The streets in the city are packed with clubs and bars, but the biggest tend to be around by the harbour, particulalry at the far end of the harbour furthest from "Taxi Square".  Finding the right atmosphere is only a matter of walking far enough up the streets, because the variety is absolutely amazing.  There are cool cocktail bars, crowded "Scandanavian" bars, mixed / gay bars and more traditional greek / tourist  tavernas.  Don’t worry; there is plenty of time to explore, because the vast majority of the late night establishments stay open until dawn. 

            Also, keep an eye out for celebrities.  In town, they mix in with everyone else, and you could find yourself next to a fashion designer in even the smallest bar!And be aware you may be dancing and strutting around worlds most Georgeous women and models !just feel the pleasure and smell the millions of perfumes which linger the alley ways when one breezes by!