You can explore other towns in Tuscany by train or bus quite easily. Sienais 1 1/2 hours away and perfect for a day trip. The cost is maybe threeeuros or so in each direction. Lucca is around one hour away by train,and a lovely old town still with its 16th century walls, medievaltowers and old buildings.. Lucca is quieter than Florence or Siena,less crowded with tourists. Go on a Sunday morning when it is quiet andpeaceful and you can appreciate the old world feel, then watch the towncome alive as its residents come out to stroll the lanes. It ispossible to make a half day trip to Arezzo to see the Piero dellaFrancesca frescoes. Make a reservation online to enter the church afterchecking the train schedule. Be sure you buy a ticket from S.M. Novellatrain station in Florence (it has three stations). You can go byEurostar in 1/2 hour, or by slower trains in one hour. Actually, if youuse the Eurostar you can do day trips to Rome or Venice as well.

San Gimignano is a popular day trip as well, filled with 14th century dwellings still in use. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and has stunning views of the Tuscany region. It's a great place for wine tasting.

Anotherday trip would be to go to the outlets of designers just outside thecity. There are good buys here if you are into designer clothing andaccessories. The main outlet center is called The Mall. A coach tour ofthe outlets can be had through tour companies for around 25-29 Euros.Your hotel should have a brochure from one of them. 

Of course, many people would not travel several thousand miles, and spend a small fortune to arrive at the birthplace of the renaissance only to end up on a day trip to the mall. For those wanting to experience the Tuscan culture and way of life there are many day trips out there eg  Slow day in Tuscany which give a taste of the cuisine, wine and culture of Tuscany or take this tour from Florence where you will have the chance to taste, wine, extra virgin olive oil and of course local tuscan food Tuscan Wine Tour

Villas and Gardens. One of the lovliest gardens around is at Villa Gamberaia (10 Euro entrance).  The fiat 500 tours company take groups in vintage Fiat 500s to Villa Gamberaia (great gardens, very well known in the area). You can take a picnic up there for some stunning lunchtime views.  You could also get the bus up there, which is the cheapest way.  See the web for Villa Gamberaia.  It is close to town, but away from the crowds, (imagine about 40 mins on the bus with a bit of a walk at the end, it take 20 mins on the vintage Italian car trip, or a taxi would be about 20 mins too).  Ask in the hotel, or look on the web for details of the villa and garden history, and how best to get there for you.