Located between the Adriatic Sea in the south and mountains to the north, Trieste enjoys a fairly mild Mediterranean climate that is quite different from other parts of northern Italy. The yearly mean temperature 1981-2010 is 15,1 degrees Celsius (60 °F). The winter weather and climate in Trieste is quite mild compared to other parts of northern Italy. Look out for the 'bora', the equivalent of the French mistral, a strong wind which sometimes brings blustery and rather cold weather to the city. Temperatures in Trieste tend to stay around 8°C / 46°F during mid-winter, rarely if ever dropping below the freezing mark. As a result, fog, frost and snow are experienced only infrequently. 

The late fall and winter is also when the area gets most of its yearly precipitation, with the average rainfall being about three inches per month (70 mm.) from October to January.

Trieste's summers are warm to moderately hot and dry.  The average summer temperature in Trieste (July and August) is in the low to mid 80's. Most visitors choose to come to Trieste during the warmer spring and summer months in order to best enjoy the area's many beaches and other seaside activities such as boating and windsurfing.

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