The Trieste Tourist Board's website is available in Italian and English and is a good source of information for potential visitors to the city, or for those who may just want to learn more about it.  The site is divided into several sections to make finding what one is looking for easier, dividing topics such as Sports and Leisure, Art and Culture, and Science and Nature from one another.  The site also provides listings of events, dining information, local news, transportation information, suggested itineraries, and accommodations listings. 

The website's homepage lists featured events and news items with links to learn more about them, while the accommodations feature lists many choices from hotels, room rentals, farm stays, inns, camp sites, and hostels.  Just about all of the practical information one could need on Trieste can be found here.  And for those who have further questions, the Trieste Tourist Board can be contacted by clicking the "i" button on the upper right-hand side of the screen.