For hundreds of years the city of Trieste has been the home and workplace of several famous Italian and international writers, drawn to the city by its beauty and cosmopolitan atmosphere.  Among the writers who lived and worked in Trieste are James Joyce, the famous Irish novelist, Richard Francis Burton, the notable British writer and explorer, and Italian writers such as Umberto Saba and Susanna Tamaro. 

For those who prefer to forgo literature and read about the city itself, several books are also available.  Trieste and the Meaning of Nowhere by historian and travel writer Jan Morris, gives a chronicle of the city's history and culture from a personal point of view.  More traditional travel guides, such as the Eyewitness Guide to Italy and  Frommer's Italy, are also easily available and give travelers practical information on things to do, transportation, accommodations, dining, and important contact numbers and websites.  All books are available for purchase at as well as found at most libraries.