It is advantageous to have an air-conditioned car in Rimini, because if you spend too much time walking around in the heat you may want to throw yourself into the Adriatic. If you did not bring your own, it is easy to get one from the Rimini (Fellini) or Bologna airports, where Hertz, Avis and a few other national companies offer rentals. The only complication is parking: during the summer tourist season, when many Europeans holiday in Rimini, parking is nearly impossible. Make sure your hotel offers guest parking or you may spend hours circling the city for a space.

An alternative to driving is the TRAM , Rimini’s inter-city transportation system. TRAM services the city center and outlying suburbs, the nightclub districts, and the marina and jetty areas. Unfortunately, TRAM’s online schedules and route information are in Italian only, but as long as you know the Italian name for your desired destination you should be able to figure it out upon arrival.

Even if you do take a car or TRAM, plan some short walking excursions. The sea air in Rimini is refreshing, and its public park, the Marecchia , is clean and picturesque. It is quite possible to see the center of town and the main plazas entirely on foot, and walking by the ocean is not too strenuous, either.