A number of coach companies run day tours from Rome to a number of local tourist icons.

An easy way to travel is with an authorized limousine transport service but experienced travellers may be happy to use trains etc. to travel to nearby towns & cities.  Passes are available 

Common Day Trip Destinations from Rome:


  • Tivoli - Wonderful half-day or day destination, with several companies running guided trips. These generally visit the deeply atmospheric Villa Adriana, and the truly sensational water gardens of the Villa d'Este.
  • Sperlonga - While the beaches closest to Rome are a far cry from the gorgeous, crystal clear waters you dream of when imagining the Mediterranean Sea - Sperlonga beach is just a 2 hour drive from Rome's center, easily reachable as a day trip destination. There is plenty to do, from exploring Sperlonga village, nestled picturesquely on a bluff overlooking the cost, to boat excursions exploring grottoes and ruins ( www.SperlongaEscursioni.it), to simply relaxing on a beach property with a rented umbrella and lounge chair.  www.EcoArtTravel.com organizes day trips departing from Rome during the summer, otherwise you can rent a car from Rome and drive to Sperlonga on your own. Umbrella rentals with two lounge chairs go for anywhere from 20-30 euros per day in the summer. There are also plenty of fresh fish dining options.
  • Florence (Firenze) - A day trip to Florence is very easy to do on your own using the train. There are many trains every day that travel to Florence. You can buy your tickets the day of travel or a few days ahead of time. It takes about 1.5 hours to get from Rome to Florence on the high speed train.

  • Naples (Napoli) - Naples is a great day trip from Rome. Make sure to give yourself the whole day as there is a lot to see. You will want to take the early train from Rome to the Naples station. This trip on the high speed train takes about 1.5 hours. Naples is home to Pompeii, Herculaneum and the Museum that houses the relics found in both. It is a wonderful museum and should not be missed. Herculaneum is a wonderful site and is closer to the train station than Pompeii. You can see both Pompeii and Herculaneum on the same day but it will be a very long day. From the Naples train station you must take the circumvesuviana commuter train headed to Sorrento. About 15 minutes into the trip you come to the Ercolano stop. This is where you will exit for Herculaneum. Another 15 minutes on the train will get you to the Pompeii Scavi stop. This is the stop for Pompeii.  See more

  • Pompeii - easily reached by train from Naples .
  • Ostia Antica - Even though it's not technically a day trip from Rome (Ostia being just one of the city's neighbourhoods, and not another town) it takes only about half an hour to get at the archaeological site there, which is an excellent (and less crowded) alternative to visiting Pompeii. Take the Metro from Termini to the Piramide station and then the Roma-Lido light rail line to Ostia Antica. From there its a short walk to one of the most interesting and well preserved ancient Roman cities. You can walk the cobbled streets of the excavated city of Ostia, see the marketplace, large amphitheatre, and ancient roman baths. The ruins seem to go on forever - it's an entire city and there are dozens of beautiful mosaics and multi-story structures still standing for almost 2000 years! The park is open 7 days a week, and there is a restaurant, museum, and gift shop on site. You can rent an audio guide or buy a guidebook to get a better understanding of the ruin although there are helpful placards placed throughout the park.

  • Frascati - Frascati is the crown jewel of the Castelli Romani and an easy 25 mintue train ride from Rome.  The center of the town is charming and it feels a lot less touristy than the center of Rome. Frascati is famous for its dry white wine but also the Porchetta is not to be missed! Try going on a wine tour to experience the Frascati Superiore DOCG wine which is perfect for a hot summer night. The views of Rome are spectacular and the temperatures are always a bit cooler than in Rome. The Old Frascati Wine Tour is amazing and includes both a tour around the historic center of Frascati as well as an historic family winery in the wine country. www.oldfrascati.com