Many travelers agree that the best time of year to visit Italy is in the spring and summer. Campania is located south of Rome on the western coast of Italy. Because of this, the region gets a lot of hot and sunny days in the spring and summer. If you visit during these warmer months, you are sure to get good weather and enjoy your vacation. You would be able to visit many of the attractions and sights in the region with the better weather.

Another reason why it is better to go in the spring or summer is because with the warmer weather, more people go out and there are more things to do. There are also more travelers in the region, which basically means the bars will stay open later and there will be more going on in the bigger cities like Naples. Campania has many different attractions and things to see, but as you will find out, it's always better to go to them in the warmer months. You should pack some clothing that will keep you comfortable, but don't forget that Italy is a conservative country, so don't dress too scandalous. You will look like a tourist if you wear shorts, but if you want to keep cool, it's what you have to do.

If you visit in the fall or winter, you will encounter a lot more rain and grey days than during the rest of the year.