It's always hard to classify the safety of an entire region, especially when there are many differences in the towns and cities within that region, but overall, you will find that Campania is a safe location to visit. For obvious reasons, when you visit a city like Naples, you should keep your eyes open and definitely watch out for pick pocketers. You will usually stick out to the locals, especially if you are wearing shorts and t-shirts, but you can still do things to keep yourself safe. Don't leave your wallet laying out on a table, don't leave your valuables behind in your room, and never just leave your camera slung around your neck. If you go to another location like the Amalfi Coast or Pompeii, however, you will find that you don't need to look out for as many pick pocketers or swindlers. The people in these places almost expect to see people taking out cameras and looking like tourists. Still, you should try to blend in as much as possible. It is never a good thing to stick out when you are traveling in a foreign country. No matter where you are, you should have your passport on you at all times. If you get into any trouble, you can contact the polizia or Carabinieri. If it is a very serious matter, get in touch with the United States Embassy as soon as possible.