The public transportation system that runs throughout Campania is known as Campania Unico. The way the ticket system works throughout the region is that you can buy certain passes and tickets in different zones.

Because Campania isn't just a city, but rather a large region, there are numerous cities and large towns with their own different systems of public transportation. An example of this is Naples. Naples functions with its own form of public transportation within Campania Unico. You could buy a pass in Naples and it would work all over the city. However, you could not buy a ticket in Naples and expect it to work in a town on the other end of Campania. That town would have its own ticketing system. You can buy tickets in bulk if you are going to be in the area for a long time, but you need to keep in mind that they will not work in different parts of the region.

Though cities like Naples do have a train system, the majority of the public transportation vehicles are buses. There are mini-buses as well, but for the most part you will find standard metro buses throughout the cities and towns.

Although it might be written or advertised, there is no stop, "Baia" on the Cumana line and there hasn't been one for years.  One would need to go to Lucrino or Torregaveta metro stop and catch a bus to the area, Baia.