Best seafood in Barcelona so far!! In three visits!

Els Peixaters de la Mediterrania @ Passeig Garcia Faria 33 boixos / Tel: 93 266 38 84 / Web:

Along the walk to beach - park area - great neighborhood in Diagonal Mar.  Friendly - local - and FRESH seafood! best seafood have had in three summers here!!! Fresh cod is fabulous!  Crispy, fried small squid are tender and lightly battered.  Calamari rings are best ever!! Rice and seafood - delicious.  Shark was a first and marvelous!  Fried peppers juicy and succulent, not too salty.  Children's plates of spaghetti with marinara sauce and small shrimp or croquettes were perfect - and well received by children. Service is excellent and friendly. Price is extremely reasonable for Barcelona.   Will definitely go again!  if you are in the Diagonal Mar area - between Selva de Mar and Poublenou - do stop here.

Neighorhood and international clientele - friendly - but dignified. Right at the Touristic Bus stop. so convenient if you are touring. Total for 6 persons - including drinks and wine and food - 145 euros - best deal found this month!

Restaurants and Bars with Terraces in Barcelona

Tonka Bar is a new-ish bar/restaurant that is a) tastefully designed, b) delicious and c) ecologically-minded. Good coffee, good beer, great pastries and cakes and also delicious cocas served on fresh baked bread (owner Mayela's specialty). Oh and yes, they do brunch. Here's an article from a local Barcelona newspaper that lists Tonka and 4 more Barcelona restaurants and bars that have terraces.