Fundacion Francisco Godia

The Fundacion Francisco Godia is located at Calle Diputacio, 250. The location is a building called the Garriga Nogues House and is a Modernist building designed by the architect Enric Sagnier, one of the best Modernist architects. The house was built between 1899 and 1905. There is a Modernist staircase that is impressive, as well as beautiful stained glass windows created by Antoni Rigalt in 1903. Francisco Godia was born in Barcelona and lived between 1921 and 1990. He was a rich businessman who was also a race car driver during the time that amateurs were the people who raced cars. Godia was also an eclectic collector of art, collecting paintings and ceramics according to his taste. The foundation shows many of his collections. There are sculptures from the Middle Ages and paintings from the Renaissance to the Modernist age, including paintings by Ramon Casas, Isidre Nonell, and Santiago Rusiñol. The ceramic collection is very good and has ceramic plates with a golden sheen from Manises and Paterna, from the Moorish times. There are also avant-garde pieces done by Picasso, Barcelo, Magritte, Eduardo Chillida and Cristina Iglesias.