Places with Free WiFi in Barcelona

There are many places with free WiFi but for most one has to be a resident in a particular hotel or a user of a cafe. Indeed, using a cafe for WiFi recently required payment of a euro for the WiFi as well as the cost of two coffees.  However, Barcelona City Council is now rolling out its programme of free WiFi (or Wi Fi) allowing people with mobile devices such as laptops PDAs, iphones, blackberries etc to connect for free to the Internet.  Using a system of antennaes or "WiFi Hot spots" to allow access, many parts of the city already have coverage.  There are currently 170 hot spots working and soon there will be a total of some 500 antennaes. 

Internet Connection

This system will make connection to the internet possible across much of Barcelona.  There are some restrictions such as access to inappropriate sites but this service by the Council is a real boost to both residents and tourists alike. 

WiFi Connection Points

To connect to the free WiFi you need to have a signal available from the WiFi Hot Spot.  You can check the location of the hotspots on a map and you can even check by entering the street name on a search facility.  Click here to go to the Barcelona city council link of Barcelona Wifi.

Barcelona WiFi Password

Once you are in a hot spot,  find the Barcelona WiFi network on your mobile device.  The password you need to access the wifi is " Barcelona WiFi ". 

Free WiFi App: YellWifi

There is also a free Android app YellWifi that works. You can find it here.

21Mbps and 100% Free Internet paid by Red Bull and authorities - for tourists only, max 15 days!

Some private and public sponsors are giving during this summer 2014 21Mbps connections to any tourist for a maximum of 15 days. This initiative started at concerts sponsored by a beer brewer and now they have about 15.000 available. Check at

Note: Doesn't have the security issues that public hotspots as the one mentioned above has, becasue information is encrypted.