With its generally mild weather Nice makes for the perfect city to take a leisurely stroll or even brisk walk, and there is much to see in the old town and nothing is too far. But if you need to get out and want to see more of the surrounding area renting a car is also an option, with vehicles available at the airport as well as in the city center. The streets of Nice can be tight and narrow, and French drivers tend to have a heavy foot so use caution. Outside the city the roads are generally wider and more open.

The city center has number car parks close to almost all the major destinations, but be sure to note the rates, as they can vary from location to location.

Public buses also connect most parts of the city, as well as the outlying towns. Tickets for the bus are sold in the city center as well as on buses, which run until 1:10am every day.

Taxicabs can also get you to your destination quickly. The fares are reasonable, but considerably more than buses, and there is a night rate from 7pm until 7am. The taxi services offer 24-hour pickup, and operate seven days a week.