The beautiful, mild, sunny Mediterranean weather of the French Riviera has attracted tourists and has inspired painters, writers and architects for hundreds of years.

  • Winter months see little rainfall and never experience harsh, cold, snowy winters.   There is a charm to Provence in the winter - when all the crowds are gone.
  • Spring and fall are the best time to enjoy a beautiful, blooming scenery but are sometimes affected by short, though sometimes strong, showers and heavy winds. The mistral is a cold, gusty wind that blows from the northwest and although it lasts several days, it is usually weaker in most French Riviera towns (as compared to the Provence) because the mountains block it.
  • Summer is naturally the best, and most touristy, time to enjoy the sun, the beach and the nightlife. The average temperature is 80 degrees. Even though the climate is somewhat dry, a nice sea breeze always comes in from the Mediterranean.

Best times to visit:

The best time to visit the French Riviera is naturally relative and depends on each traveler's interests. Visiting in May through early July will normally allow you to enjoy the beautiful weather (though the water is still a little cold) without an overwhelming tourist rush and traffic jams. This time slot would also allow you to be in the Riviera during some exciting events such as the International Film Festival in Cannes, and the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix.

August is certainly the peak of tourist season in the French Riviera.  The weather is ussually perfect this time of year but remember that it will be crowded.

If you are visiting in the winter, keep in mind that some hotels and restaurants are closed from November to February.