Travelers can only tour one museum or complex historical site like a castle per day. One will likely start the day be eating breakfast at a B&B, departing around 1000, and driving to the attraction. By the time one signs up for the tour, waits a bit for the tour to begin, completes the tour, and perhaps has a bite to eat afterward, one will have spent 3-4 hours at the attraction, which does not give one enough time to get through another similar attraction if moving on to another city the same day. If the attractions are self-guided, it is possible to exert more control how much time is spent doing them (Donegal castle and Glencar waterfall, for example), then it may be possible to take in two or more such attractions in a day, but it may diminish the experience/fun to go too quickly. Planning the touring day this way will allow travelers to get to the next B&B around 1600-1630 at the end of the day. This will enable the average traveler to go out to eat for dinner around 1730 or so and still have time for an evening stroll afterward.