Because St Andrews is so small, the sports and activities that keep most of its visitors busy are not necessarily confined to the town.  The Kingdom of Fife, most of which is easily accessible in a day’s drive, offers loads of great things to do.  But as it turns out, many visitors to this town come for one reason alone, golf.

            One of Scotland’s favorite pastimes is the game of golf, and St Andrews has some world-class courses to offer its visitors.  The St. Andrews Links Website is a great resource for the golf enthusiast.  Immediately upon exploring this site, it becomes obvious that golf is not just a game in this town; it is a way of life.  Golf legends like Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus have competed numerous times at the professional events that are held on the Old Course ,  the most famous of the town’s courses.  Not only is the Old Course the most famous in the town of St Andrews, but it is the oldest course in the world, and Tiger Woods claims it as his favorite.  There are six Link’s Courses , all of which are open to the public.

            The Highland Games, a unique sporting competition in Scotland, hold events in the Kingdom of Fife.  It is worth checking the schedule in their website in case events are being held during your visit.