The shopping scene in Brighton is in large part driven by the artistic culture felt throughout the city.  Although there are shopping centers, stores, and boutiques like in many other cities, there are also unique venues that are unlike anywhere else in the world. 

            Built in the 17th century, the Brighton Lanes is a picture-perfect postcard-quality area.  The Lanes is located in the historic quarter of Brighthelmstone, an old fisherman village, and consists of an interesting maze of narrow streets and alleyways.  The shops lining these streets sell everything from antiques and fragrant herbs, to fine jewelry and even designer labels.  The North Laine houses over 300 small shops in a tiny area (less than half a square mile), each selling distinctively unique goods.  Although a high traffic area, exploring these vendors is worth fighting the crowd.

            Searching for one of a kind art?  Head towards the Artists Quarter located on Brighton’s beachfront.

            For a more upscale and fancy shopping experience, visit the Churchill Square shopping center.  With over 80 stores under a beautiful glass domed roof, this mall has something for everybody.       

            Searching for a bargain?  Head towards the Brighton Marina where the area’s only outlet shopping center is found.