The weather in Chester is pretty moderate year-round, rarely breaking 80 degrees Fahrenheit during summer, and almost never dipping below 35 degrees Fahrenheit during the winter. The most pleasant time of year seems to be from April through September. Of course this is still England , so there is always a chance of rain showers. But major downpours are not that common, except in the late fall. December, January, and February are typically the wettest months.

If you want to be in town for the music festivals, plan your trip for July. This is the month for both the Summer Music Festival , with orchestras and classical performers, and the Fringe Festival, which brings jazz, rock, Cajun, folk, and Latin. And if you’re coming for the famous Chester Mystery Plays , keep in mind that they are only held once every five years. The next one is not scheduled to take place until 2013.

Here is the link to Chester Weather : BBC Five Day Forecast