There are three ways to dine in Morelian:

  1. Roadside Food Cart - Set up on the sidewalk with stools around the cart.
  2. Store Front Cooking - The food is cooked outside on the sidewalk ready to eat, with tables and chairs inside for eating.
  3. Restaurant - A normal restaurant with hostess and sit down dining.

Some good dining choices in Morelia, Mexico

Mirasoles Restaurant

 An exquisite restaurant with a comfortable room by a huge window overlooking the street.  The ceiling is covered in a lovely fresco, while the walls are natural stone. The menu offers a variety of continental selections but you will also be intrigued by the selection of traditional Michoacan dishes.  Several of the dishes are based on authentic Purhepecha (the indigenous people) receipes using locally growth products. Vegetarian dining is also graciously accommodated. Fernando, a certified sommelier, can suggest a wonderful wine to complement your meal. Expect to spend more pesos than eating at average restaurants, but Mirasoles is nothing close to "average" in food, service or decor.

Las Trojes

Ask the local residents of Morelia for name of their favorite restuarant.  Las Trojes  will be suggested as a place good enough that they would take their own friends and visitors for a special meal. It's a bit of a drive to get there, but a taxi will cost about 40 pesos for the ride from the center of town up to the classy residential area where Las Trojes is located.

The building is traditional "troje" construction (the traditional wooden houses) inhabited by the early Purepechas people.  The inside is very modern and inviting. The menu, available in both Spanish and English, offers extensive selections for both carnivores and vegetarians.  "Willy", a long time waiter at Las Trojes is very attentive and will add to your dining pleasures. Las Trojes can get very busy, so call ahead for a reservation and dine were the local Morelianos do!

Drink & Show

Each Saturday night, the square surrounding the main cathedral in Morelia is closed to automobile traffic in favor of pedestrians.  At 9:00 PM, the cathedral is darken and a chorographed music, light and fireworks presented.  The entire presentation lasts for approximately twenty minutes and is generally attended by at least a thousand (and probably more) local citizens (great free family entertainment) and vistiors.  Avoid the "crush" at ground level.  Instead, snag an outside table or seat at the roof top bar (on the third floor) of the Hotel Los Juaninos, which faces the cathedral, and get a better view.  Worth the price of a margarita!