Budget Tulum Day Trip - No over priced tour group needed!

You can catch a collectivo from Playa Del Carmen to Tulum for 40 pesos. Best go early in the morning to get a full day for exploring.

When in Tulum, rent a bike for 60-80 pesos (24hr rental), from any of the numerous bike rental shops

Ride out to the Tulum ruins (about 15 minutes) and spend an hour or so taking in the history and sites. Entry 59 pesos.

Ride from the ruins to the Gran Cenote (about 25-30 minutes) and enjoy the fresh water to cool down. Entry 150 pesos. There are cheaper cenote option in the area if this is out of your budget. Or, skip the overpriced Tulum cenotes all together and find better and cheaper ones in surrounding towns (for example, Valladolid!)

Ride to Tulum beach to finish off you day on the white sand, clear blue beach with a few drinks until sunset.

Return your bike to the store and hop on the collectivo back to Playa Del Carmen, or don't rush and stay a night in Tulum, there are many budget hostels in the area which include breakfast the next morning (150-200 pesos a night) 

TOTAL PRICE: 289 - 309 pesos (less if you pass on the expensive cenote) (doesn't include food and drinks for the day)