El Tapatio is located between the east-bound and west-bound sides of the highway leading out of town, towards the Airport and Chapala. You can't really walk from there.

In Guadajalara, you can rent VW Beetles. Up until a few years ago, they still made them in Mexico, and they've always been inexpensive reliable transportation. Easy to run, easy on gas, and easy to park. No air-conditioning, mind you. But inasmuch as the air temperature in Guadalajara never seems to rise about 70ºF, you don't need it.In the downtown area, you can safely hail a cab from a cab stand. And all the hotels will get you a licensed cab. But just like other major urban areas, you need to be careful about unlicensed cabs. Not only are they not regulared (in terms of rates and most importantly SAFETY!), you don't actually know who is driving.In Mexico City, stories of kidnappings from unlicensed cabs are legion, and all too true.

The best option is to rent a car. Your USA driver's license will be honored, but be aware that you'll pay a lot in extra insurance (and you should BUY IT!). And with a car, you can venture out to Chapala and Ajijic, two lovely towns on the banks of Lago Chapala.

There is a subway system too, with 2 lines one goes North South and line 2 goes from the East end of the city to downtown where it connects to line 1 forming a T shape. The cost is 5 pesos around 0.48 USA dollars a ride, it is fast, safe convenient and very clean however it does not go to many tourist sites and malls