An internet search for Acapulco tourism will turn up numerous websites for Acapulco and Mexico;  but most of them are unofficial and many are thinly veiled advertisements for hotel and resort bookings.  For reliable non-commercial Acapulco information,  travelers should refer to Mexico's official Office of Tourism website 'Visit Mexico'  -  or more specifically,  the section dedicated to 'Acapulco' .   To access the website in one of several languages other than English,  visit the site's homepage at;  or to search for information on alternate Mexican vacation spots,  click the Destinations tab located at the top of each page.  This website offers a wealth of information including maps,  weather reports,  online currency conversion,  virtual tours,  and a listing of the area's UNESCO World Heritage Sites.  A brief history of the region and a listing of things to do are also available on the Acapulco page;  and there's a Live Help feature for connecting with tourism representatives who can answer questions,  send you information,  or provide brief translations.