There are many books that can be helpful when planning a trip to Paradise Island . Most books containing information about Paradise Island also have lots of details about most of the other popular tourist destinations in the Bahamas . Following are two popular books regarding traveling to MANY of the islands in the Bahamas , and recommendations on several places to see and go on each of those islands. Both of these books can be purchased in select local books stores and also on the internet via .

“The Islands of the Bahamas ,” by Jennifer McMorran is a guide that describes “must see” spots on many of the Bahamian islands. There are maps, historical information, and geographical details about each location mentioned. Also included are descriptions of many island’s annual festivals.

“Bahamas For Dummies,” by Darwin Porter, is part of the “Dummies Travel” series. It’s a great book to use as a reference. It can be used to choose a hotel before the vacation is even booked, and it can also be used during the trip to determine what should be seen, what restaurants are best, and other recommended places to visit. The book also contains maps which can be very useful for the duration of the entire visit.