More that 60% of Paradise Island is currently owned by Kerzner International as part of Atlantis.  Kerzner first came to the Bahamas in the 90's and renovated the 2 downtrodden hotels - the Loews Hotel and Brittania Towers, which were owned by Merv Griffin.  Along with the renovations, Kerzner added the Royal Towers, Cove and Reef Towers, Convention Center,  Aquariums, Dolphin Cay and  a Water Park.

After reconfiguing the natural land and waterways, Kerzner created a world class marina and mega resort.  Other properties on Paradise Island include Club Land'or, RIU Resorts, Sunrise Village,  Ocean Club, Bay View Village, Comfort Suites, Paradise Harbour Club and Paradise Island Beach Club.

There are two bridges that connect Paradise Island to Nassau (one each for entering and exiting traffic.) There is a ferryboat area near the bottom of the entrance bridge where you can ride a ferryboat to downtown Nassau.  

The eastern end of Paradise Island is also owned by Kerzner International and includes a world class golf course, which hosts the Michael Jordan Classic each year, and a dozen or so multi million dollar estates owned by such celebrities as Tiger Woods, Chuck Norris, Michael Jordan, Barry Bonds, Jim Carrey and Oprah Winfrey.  These homes can be seen as you pass the eastern end by water. 

On the Ocean Club property you'll also find the Cloisters and Versaille Gardens.   Both are open to the public, although  the Gardens lead to the main property and you can't go past a certain point.  

Besides Atlantis restaurants and eateries, Paradise Island has some very nice restaurants and shops.  Blue Lagoon is located in Club Land'or and is world renowned for great seafood.  Columbus Tavern is located just east of the bridges at the Paradise Island Harbour Club.   Hurricane Hole Marina houses the Green Parrot Bar and Grill, and the Paradise Island Ferry Terminal has a bar, snack bar and  souveniers as well as tour operators..  Anthony's Caribbean Grill is nearby, as well as upscale souvenir shops, banks and a liquor store.  You can find most anything you may need in the stores along Casino Drive.

You'll also find one of the most beautiful beaches in the world along the North Side of the Island, Cabbage Beach.  To access Cabbage Beach, you need only to walk up the Drive past the RIU hotel to the public walkway (it's marked).  Up over the dunes and down the other side, you'll find locals renting lounge chairs and umbrellas, giving wonderful massages and selling wares.  All beaches in the Bahamas are public and free.

There are no public restrooms, but the beach is really quite beautiful and relaxing.  For those who want to snorkel from the beach, you'll have to hike to the east a bit to find Snorkelers Cove.  Nice little area in the rocks off the beach.   (this is for novice snorkelers,  you'll need a boat tour to see significant sea life)