Travelers can reach Trinidad and Tobago by boat or by airplane.  Many travelers reach the area by boat, primarily arriving by cruise ship.  However, airplane is just as frequently used as a mode of transportation for getting to the area.  Neither is particularly preferred so travel method is up to the traveler.

By boat:  Travelers generally book Caribbean cruises through their local travel agent or arrange the trips themselves through online sites.  Visitors should know that there is ferry service daily between Trinidad and Tobago so they will find it easy to get from one place to the other no matter where they dock upon arrival.

By plane:  There are two major international airports serving Trinidad and Tobago, one in Trinidad and one in Tobago.  The Trinidad airport is the Piarco International Airport ( and the Tobago airport is the Crown Point International Airport (   Both airports are served by major international airports.  Travelers will find it easy to get from one island to the other so they should choose the airport with the best fares from their travel location.

Upon arrival:   Upon arrival at either airport, most travelers opt to rent a car for further travel needs to be met.   Both airports offer on site car rental from major international rental car companies.