The lucky visitor to Charlestown has a choice of two different establishments that sell their own home-made ice cream, each made to a different recipe. You can buy a cup or a cone, and there are usually a few different flavors available, including chocolate and vanilla.  

Some of the ice creams are made using fruit that is grown locally on Nevis, and these are especially good. Remember that certain Caribbean fruits are seasonal, and so not all the flavors are available all of the time, but think: banana, coconut, mango or guava.

" Gems Ice Cream and Sweet Shop Too" is in the Cotton Gin Mall near the waterfront, and " Queen City Ice Cream Parlour" is on the main road at Memorial Square.

Gems ice cream is very rich indeed, and seems to have a higher milkfat content, but on the other hand, Queen City ice cream has a delightful old-fashioned quality that some people may actually prefer. Serious ice cream lovers should probably try both.