To take in the major attractions in Basseterre you can let you legs take you there, and many of the major sights within the small town are within walking distance. However, to travel outside of town you’ll likely need a car.

Taxis are a great option, and these are almost always available. Taxi rates are officially fixed rather than metered, but be sure to confirm the cost of the fares upfront to avoid any surprises at the end of the ride. And feel free to negotiate the price, as many drivers will attempt to suggest a fare that is typically higher than what they’ll accept.

The other option is to rent a car, but to do so you’ll have to obtain a visitors license. Drivers need to have a valid American (or other nations) drivers license, and be at least 21-years of age. You can purchase a license at the police station, or through many car rental agencies, and it is valid for three months. While driving keep in mind that children tend to walk on the side of the road, and the various livestock outside of town always seem to have the right of way!