Despite efforts to crack down on violent crime, assaults and robberies against American tourists has been on the rise in recent years throughout St. Kitts, and petty street crime has been in a problem in Basseterre after dark, so generally you should avoid going down empty streets that are poorly lit after dark. When in doubt when returning to your hotel you should call for a cab. Keep a low profile and don’t flash large sums of money or expensive items.

Thefts in hotels have also been on the rise, so the best advice is to be on guard with you possessions. This is also true when leaving items on the beach, as valuables left unattended have a habit of disappearing. If you’re using a rental car make sure to lock the doors while visiting tourist attractions such as museums, hotels, beaches and at the airport. Photocopies of travel documents and credit cards should be kept separate from the originals and key telephone numbers maintained to contact banks if credit cards are stolen or lost.

It is also important to note that, as with most of the Caribbean Islands, visitors should avoid carrying any illegal drugs including marijuana. The government has stepped up efforts to crack down on all illegal drugs, including all forms of cannabis and cocaine. The punishment for possession can include prison time, and recent efforts by customs have also been stepped up, so no attempts should be made to import or expert even small quantities for “personal use,” or any other reason.