The islands of St. Kitts and Nevis were highly contested for several hundred years, first between the various Native American tribes, and later by the Europeans. Today the islands, and the capital city of Basseterre offer a mix of English and French colonial influences, especially in the numerous Georgian mansions that dot the island, as well as the various sugar and tobacco plantations.

There is still some influence, and remnants of the Carib civilization throughout the islands as well, although this is less apparent in Basseterre. However, the islanders are reminded of the role that slavery played on the city’s history with Pall Mall Square, which has since been renamed Independence Square. Here at the end of the 18th century is where the slave auctions were held.

Today, the islands are popular tourist destinations, and they are peaceful and extremely tranquil; especially when compared to the turbulent past! The islanders are friendly people, but a bit more modest than some of the other Caribbean islands. Topless and nude bathing is illegal, and even in the town scant clothing is often only reserved for the beach or poolside areas.