Due to a volatile colonial history, along with numerous earthquakes and hurricanes over the centuries since the Europeans first settled the island, many of the earliest buildings have been lost. But despite this the area around Basseterre is still home to numerous colonial era buildings, and the city features some interesting Georgian and Victorian era buildings.

In fact, the town, which was founded by the French, was later rebuilt after a fire destroyed much of it in the 18th century, and it was modeled on a design meant to evoke that of London. This is complete with the Circus, which was styled after London’s Piccadilly Circus. It is here that you can find the various shops, art galleries and other boutiques. The nearby Pall Mall Square, which is lined with majestic Georgian era mansions once served as the island’s slave market. The town is also home to the St. George’s Anglican Church, which was destroyed and rebuilt three times over 300 years! Today, the latest renovation is quite similar to the earlier designs.

In the rural area outside of Basseterre are numerous Georgian and Victorian era plantations from the height of the island’s colonial era, when it was a major producer of sugarcane.