Rental cars are available at the airport, from many major resorts and in other locations in Basseterre. To rent a car in St. Kitts visitors must be 21-years or older, and must purchase a visitor’s license. This is valid for three months, and costs US $25. It is available from the car rental agencies, or from a police station with presentation of an American driver’s license.

St. Kitts is a former British colony, and as such, driving is on the left hand side of the road. Most rental cars are automatic transmission, and visitors should check that there is air conditioning, especially in the warmer summer months. Also, check the condition of the car before beginning a journey. The roads outside of the towns and villages can be in poor condition, and this can take its toll on the vehicles. Use caution when driving in the rural areas as school children often walk on the side of the roads, and animals including livestock, often stop traffic!

Drive slowly and with caution; if lost, ask, local people are very friendly and helpful. 

The parking in the downtown area of Basseterre can make for a trying experience. There are not enough parking spots in town, and the roads can be quite crowded.

Opt for one of the car parks on Bay Rd at Port Zante; EC$5 per day and only 2 minutes walk to town.

Alternatively, consider using a taxicab to get around the island. The cabbies are generally courteous and friendly. Just be sure to confirm the cost of the fare before you start your ride. Meters are not used in St. Kitts, and while there are set rates for destinations, the drivers often try to add additional fees, so confirming the fare in advance will usually save money. Likewise, ask whether the rate quoted is in United States or EC dollars. Taxis rates are usually expressed in US dollars.