Visiting Peter Island means visiting a place with an interesting history of pirates. The island holds many secrets, stories and legends that locals may fill you in on if you're lucky. You can also pick up some books on the subject to get the story out from studies sources. Guides to the British Islands can also make great reading and help you prepare for your trip. Either route, both types of books will get you excited for your trip.

No other pirate carries more of a legend in this area than Blackbeard. Blackbeard was the pirate who allegedly left a group of men on Deadman's island which is seen from Peter Island, with only a sword and a cask of rum. The legends only continue from there; get more of the story by reading:

  •  "Blackbeard: America's Most Notorious Pirate" by Angus Konstam
  •  "Blackbeard, the Real Pirate of the Caribbean" by Dan Perry
  •  "Blackbeard Terror of the Seas" by Jean Day
  •  " Deadman's Island' by B. Franklin Macvane

But if you are more interested in a guide to the area, the following should be of great help: