Some highlights around metropolitan San Juan, the metropolis of the Caribbean.

Isla Verde /  Punta las Marias ::
Blue Dolphin (music/oceanfront bar)
Shot's Sports Bar (pub)
Lupi's(restaurant/bar, occasional dj,band)
Tasca de Pepin (bar,appetizers, young professional crowd)
Brava (dance club at San Juan Hotel)
Wet & Liquid (lounge djs at  Water Club Hotel)
Chic's Bar (located at San Juan Hotel, live music)
Delirium -Ceviche Bar
360 º grados (lounge)
Monaco (bar/dj)
Tiguey (bar)
Cluba Brava (Inside of El San Juan Hotel & Casino)

*Casinos> San Juan Hotel, Ritz Carlton, Marriott Isla Verde,Embassy Suites

Piñones ::
Reef  (bar.)
Soleil (bar/rest.)

Condado ::

Circo Bar (Gay Bar - Open 7 days a week)                                                                                                                                                                      Olas (at the Caribe Hilton , live music,lounge)
Kali Lounge
Ventana del Mar bar (located at Ventana del Mar, oceanfront bar)
Barlovento (oceanfront bar in front of Ajili Mojili Restaurant)
Waikiki (oceanfront bar & restaurant)
Atlantic Beach Hotel Bar (oceanfront gay bar, sunday shows)
Cafe San Telmo(bar,cafe)
Mariachi (former Urdin)
Ego at Joshuas Bar & grill (dj's/dance/bar)

*Casinos> Condado Plaza, Marriott SJ, Ambassador Plaza

Viejo San Juan (old san juan ) ::
Calle SAN SEBASTIAN (various bars located on this street in the upper side of viejo san juan, bars not listed here)
Dragonfly Two (lounge bar)
Marias (bar)
Amadeus Bistro Bar
Cafe Berlin
Cafe Bohemio (located at Convento Hotel, bar/lounge)
Carli Cafe Concierto
Club Lazer (multi level dance club)
Dragonfly (rest. with bar)
El Picoteo (at the Convento Hotel, outdoor bar)
Fratelli (bar)
Verbena (lounge/dj) located in Puerta de Tierra, Torre de la Reina
Kudeta Lounge -no longer under this name, further information is needed (lounge, after hours dance club)
Nuyorican Café (live music bar)
Ole Lounge
Parrot Club (rest and bar)
Señor Frog (pub)
Rumba (music club)

Santurce ::
Plaza del Mercado (various bars,music on the street,popular on fridays)
Buyé (dj,terrace,club bar)
Starz (multi level gay dance club)
Havana Club (salsa  music/pub)
Cups (gay/lesbian dancebar)
El Teatro/ Asylum (reggaeton and others dance club)
Juniors 1 & 2 (gay private club/ bar)
Eros (gay -mixed dance club)
Luxor (reggaetón and others dance club)
Nuestro Ambiente(gay dance club,live salsa music)

*Drama theaters and Performing Arts Center "Bellas Artes"

Luquillo Beach/Fajardo:

Dieguito and Markitos Bar and Restaurant Kiosko#44(gay owned and operated)

Rio Piedras ::

Blu (live music, pub / restaurant)
Shanans(pub, live music)
Checkers (college pub)
Cantares (live music,pub/restaurant)

Hato Rey ::

Boccacio (gay dance club, salsa music)
Coaches Sports Bar & Grill (pub) 
Bacarrat Lounge
Coco Agua
Diego (bar/pub)
Stilos (gay-mixed bar)
SoHo (former Roosevelt 229)
Summers Pub
The Wine Club (pub, tuesday gay night)
Bukamarango's (bar/
Arredó (bar, live music)
Plaza del Coliseo de PR (Thursday night Live music under the nightsky)

* Coliseo de Puerto Rico (modern state of the art coliseum presenting weekly concerts, recent ones:Sting,Rollig Stones, Luis Fonsi,Donna Summer,Ednita Nazario...)

..among many others .

Also do not miss the nightlife outside the metro area, explore Ponce,Caguas and many places around the country of Puerto Rico.

Since there are so many places, here is a suggested itinerary...


Go bar hoping at Calle San Sebastian; Parrot Club bar also can be fun or the new Dragon Fly Two. End at the bohemian cafe bar Nuyorican Cafe with live music and puerto rican nueva trova/spanish patriotic reggae like Cultura Profetica wanna-be bands.

Wednesday 'Its Pub night'

Start at Mango's, a packed place with live music; then keep the party up when you reach Shanans, another Wednesday packed place with music, and if you still want to party and have energy drop, by at Coaches located in Hato Rey


Start the night of at Picoteo Bar at Convento Hotel; play some pool at Hijos de Borinquen at Cale San Sebastian. Then late at night, the party starts at one of the hottest places in town, Kudetá: a multi level lounge with beautiful and hip people.


Don't miss the Plaza del Mercado street party every Friday starting at 5pm. Roll to Buyé; it's Buyé's hot night, then chill out at the cool Lounge at Normadie Hotel or Waterclub's Liquid lounge.


Start your evening at oceanfront Ventana del Mar's 'Di Parma' (also check also if there is a hot concert in town), then walk to the See and Be Seen at Moorings outdoor bar. End your night at Brava, San Juan's premier dance club and dance until the sun comes up.

Kareoke night at Dieguito and Markitos in Luquillo Beach. New Bar and Restaurant, close to the Rain Forest. Kiosko#44. Great music and awesome atmosphere.


Relax at the oceanfront Waikiki bar or Barlovento Bar in Condado. Start your evening early at the Starz' tea dance after beach party; it's the hottest new multilevel (dance club, pool bars, lounge) gay-mix dance club in San Juan with the best djs. End the night at cool afterhours lounge Kali.