Rather than being divided in to stereotypical neighborhoods, Ocho Rios is divided by its beaches, with each beach area offering something a little bit different to be enjoyed by travelers to the area.  Additionally, the downtown of Ocho Rios, known as “the town” is its own neighborhood.

There are five main beach areas in Ocho Rios:

  • Turtle Beach is a white sand beach which is generally more commonly used by locals than by tourists.  Visitors wishing to get an idea of how the locals live should make this beach their swimming stop.
  • Puerto Seco Beach is a traditional Jamaican beach with reggae musicians playing out on the sane and food vendors offering visitors traditional area foods such as jerk chicken.
  • Mallards Beach is close to town and is the main place for beach parties.  Though visitors of all ages come here, it is especially good for the college age and young adult crowd, particularly in the later evening hours.
  • James Bond Beach is further away from the town area of Ocho Rios and so is less crowded and usually calmer than the other beaches.  It is named after the James Bond Author, Ian Fleming who owns a home nearby.
  • Dolphin Cove ( www.dolphincoveja.com) and Dunn’s River Falls ( www.dunnsriverja.comwww.dunnsriverfallsjm.com) are located at the West end of Ocho Rios.  This area is popular with families and high-energy tourists who are there to swim with the dolphins and enjoy the pools created by the six hundred foot waterfall for which the area is famous.  The beaches here are white sand beaches