San Juan Shopping Center: The region's most complete shopping experience, located at Coco Loco intersection. Everything from QUALITY and UNIQUE gifts to everyday clothing and appliances! Even an Ikea Catalog store!

Plaza Bavaro/Bavaro Shopping Center: Located next to  the entrance to Occidental Flamenco Hotel until Bavaro Princess hotel. A mix of modern and traditional gifts, mixed with some real estate offices and restaurants.One of the largest shopping center filled with Dominican souvenirs and stores that offer all the extras that you might need on your trip, anything from Drug stores to beach clothing.  

Plaza Punta Cana:    Located across from Occidental Flamenco, this shopping center offers a wide variety of the Dominican Souvenirs and to help you choose you will find an excited group of vendors.

El Cortesito FleaMarket:   located right next to the beach you will find several stores with a wide selection of Dominican Souvenirs and Caribbean style clothing. You will also find several restaurants , the fabled Capitan Cook's and the new kid on the block...making a great first impression, Casa de Piedra.

Palma Real Shopping: If you long for the taste and style of home, look no further. PRS is a modern shopping area with opportunities to purchase top shelf gifts and clothing, as well as giving you the back home tastes of Tony Romas and Hard Rock Cafe