Rongcheng is located in the easternmost of Shandong Peninsula, surrounded by the sea, a coastline of 500 km, South Korea and Japan across the sea, the Chinese mainland from the regions of South Korea recently. The total area of ​​1392 square kilometers. Jurisdiction of a district of 12 towns, 10 subdistrict offices, three provincial-level development zone. Shidao Port, Longyan port is a national first class open port. Rongcheng is No.13 a comprehensive strength among the National hundred cities. The Rongcheng have rich marine resources, the output of aquatic products, fisheries, total revenue for 24 consecutive years ranked the county level. Rongcheng industry has formed 26 categories, six plates of the tires, automobiles, shipbuilding, electrical, building materials, food, more than 70 natural industry "into Chengshan tires, Huatai sea food, Terracan" Santa Fe "car, Huanghai Shipbuilding,  Homey aquatic and other well-known both at home and abroad.

Rongcheng, China's fisheries big city, known as the Chinese fishing village that has formed the ocean, near the ocean fishing, mariculture and deep processing of a combination of modern fishing pattern. The Rongcheng,  fishing port of more than 100 out of which the Shidao fishing port is the largest fishing port in northern China, has China's largest fish market.  Rongcheng has the largest number of farmed sea ranch, kelp, abalone, factory fish scale, efficiency ranks first in the country. Kelp production accounts for 40 percent of the country and over 300 ships, the Rongcheng ocean fishing boats, the international marketing of fresh ship and marine transport ship year-round busy in the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Ocean to participate in the global marine economy development.